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Ronnie and Andy on We Heart It.


Ronnie Radke Mixtape: “Asshole feat. Andy Biersack”


Skull with geometric lines, teacup and mandala by Nate Barnes at Euphoria Tattoos in Tallahassee, Florida 

tate & violet - post season one, in which violet ignores tate for years, after finding out the truth. he still checks on her, and gets told to go away. but every now and then she lets him see her again, because they both get lonely, and still need each other. over time, he tries to make up for every wrong he has done. it’s not the same, and can never be, but violet still loves him. and he will continue to wait.

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La Dispute - The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit
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The 1975 concert in Madison WI was AMAZING! Can’t wait until they come back like they promised(:


the 1975 last night