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They’re just girls breaking hearts. Eyes bright, uptight, just girls.


// R O B B E R S //


// Settle Down // - The 1975

A small town dictating all the people we get around, what a familiar face, do you get what I mean now? I’m so fixated on the girl with the soft sound, dnd hair all over the place, you’re sure that I’d learn, I’m pushing through bodies, dvoiding me and walking around you, dou’re cold and I burn, I guess I’ll never learn, cause I stay another hour or two


robbers // the 1975


robbers // the 1975





Everyone says the saying I refuse to sink with an anchor with it is stupid. But the anchor is what keeps you from being tossed around at sea. It keeps you safe. though the anchor may be at the bottom of the ocean, its what is stopping you from ending up there with it.

THIS. An anchor is a device used to stabilize a boat. So the anchor sinks, but I (person) symbolizes the boat. It’s the anchor that keeps me from sinking. Therein lies the confusion, though. I refuse to sink because the anchor is keeping me afloat.

Oh my god keep telling yourself that.  It makes no sense. The SOLE PURPOSE of an anchor is to keep a boat from drifting out to sea. It absolutely DOES NOT keep a boat afloat in anyway shape or form.  It keeps the boat stuck. Read a book.

How about you sail a boat.

How about you tie yourself to an anchor and try not to sink?